Russian Punctuation Marks

When it comes to their appearance, Russian uses the same punctuation marks as English or other European languages, except maybe for the quotation marks and apostrophe, which is not used in Russian: period (точка), comma (запятая), question mark (вопросительный знак) and so on.

Russian Alphabet

For many learners of Russian starting out, the Russian alphabet can be somewhat confusing. There are letters similar to the Latin script that make similar sounds (like “T” or “M”), similar letters that make different sounds (like “H” or “P”) and letters that are only kind of similar (“И” or “Я”) or totally different (“Ж”, “Ц” or “Ф”).

Reasons to learn Russian

Learning Russian may be challenging but it can also be truly rewarding as well. If you aren’t afraid of a challenge, here are some great reasons to learn Russian.

Russian Grammar

Some language learners believe that Russian is a very hard language to learn, especially due to its grammar. However, if you study hard and practice regularly you will have no trouble mastering it. This article represents an overview of the key notions of Russian grammar to give you an idea of what you should focus on when learning.