Reasons to learn Tagalog

Tagalog may not be in the top ten of the world’s most spoken languages, but, with nearly 100 million speakers both in the Philippines and all over the world in countries such as Canada and the USA, it is still a significant language. Moreover, there are many other things that make this language worth learning.

In this article, we will take a look at some of the good reasons to learn Tagalog.

It is more widespread than you think

As mentioned above, with around 100 million speakers, Tagalog is a relatively widely spoken language. And not all these speakers live in the Philippines! There are significant Tagalog-speaking communities around the world. For instance, there are over 400 000 Tagalog speakers in Canada. And in the USA, with nearly 2 million speakers, Tagalog is actually the fourth most spoken language.

It is a key to discovering the Philippines

On the one hand, you can travel the world without any knowledge of the local language and still enjoy your travel. On the other, even basic knowledge of the language enhances your travel experience manifold.

The Philippines are a great place to enjoy the sun and the sea. And if you speak Tagalog, you’ll impress the locals, have more fun, and make your vacation even more memorable.

You will make new friends easily

Filipinos love it when foreigners make some effort to learn their language. Many of them speak English at some level, but if you speak Tagalog to them they’ll be greatly impressed and willing to help you practice, whether you meet them online or when you travel to the Philippines.

It will help you understand the local culture

Tagalog has a strong cultural bond with the country and its people. With the knowledge of Tagalog, you will get a much better insight into the traditions and customs in the Philippines.

It can help you stand out

Tagalog may not be the most popular foreign language among learners. But it can actually be an advantage. By learning a more ‘exotic’ language you will stand out from other learners. It can also be a great point to add to your CV – probably more niche than some other languages, but that has its own advantages, too.

It makes you smarter

Multiple studies have shown that learning a foreign language improves your memory, concentration, and other cognitive abilities. It also helps the brain stay ‘young’ and helps prevent degenerative brain diseases. Thus, learning Tagalog will not just be a fun challenge, but an investment in your health and quality of life.

Tagalog Vocabulary

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FAQs about Tagalog

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