Reasons to learn Croatian

On the one hand, Croatian may not be the most widespread language in the world: only around 6 million people speak it worldwide. On the other hand, it is quite popular with foreign language learners. No exact number of learners is available, but there are a lot of resources and communities for learning Croatian on the internet. And indeed, Croatian is a language all worth learning. It may not be due to a large number of speakers, but there are other good reasons to learn Croatian – let us take a look at some of them.

Croatian may help you learn other languages

You will be able to pick up similar languages after learning the basics of Croatian, such as Bosnian, Serbian, Bulgarian, and Slovenian. Each of these languages has quite a few things in common with Croatian. It’s great if you aspire to be a polyglot, travel or live in Eastern Europe.

Learning Croatian can provide you with some insight into other Slavic languages as well. They may not be as close to it as the languages mentioned above, but they still share some common features.

Croatia is a beautiful country worth visiting

Croatia has a lot to offer to travelers. Its landscapes, including over 1000 islands and eight national parks, are breathtaking. Its food is delicious. Its culture is welcoming.

Naturally, you can enjoy things like food without being able to speak the local language. However, knowledge of Croatian will allow you to have a truly immersive experience that you will never forget.

Learning Croatian can provide you with unique job opportunities

Apart from the booming tourist industry, the main industries in Croatia are shipbuilding, food processing, construction, and petrochemicals. If you work in any of these industries, you are very likely to benefit from having the Croatian language on your resume.

If you achieve a high level of Croatian, there is always a possibility of working as a translator or interpreter. This job may allow you to work flexibly from practically anywhere in the world.

You will make a lot of new friends

Croatians are quite friendly and welcoming in general and they also love it when foreigners speak their language, even imperfectly. Some of them feel truly honored that you took the time to learn their native language.

Learning Croatian, you will be able to communicate with native speakers in and outside Croatian, make connections, and make friends.

You will have a lot of fun

You will enjoy traveling, making friends, immersing in the Croatian culture. But you are also going to have a lot of fun just learning and speaking the language. Some even believe that Croatian is one of the most enjoyable languages to speak – who wouldn’t want to learn such a language?

Learning Croatian is good for your brain

There is a super long list of mental health benefits associated with learning a new language, no matter which one it is. You will improve cognition and memory, be more perceptive and creative, improve the ability to focus and concentrate – all while learning a language as beautiful as Croatian.

As you can see, Croatian is worth learning for many reasons. It is unique and beautiful and offers some great travel and career opportunities – don’t miss out on that!

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