Reasons to learn Czech

It will enhance your experience traveling in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is a country well worth visiting. Some will be tempted by its beautiful landscapes and old historical places – twelve of them are listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list. Others may be more interested in the delicious food and local beer.

From getting around easier to getting the best prices in shops and local markets to ordering a beer in a Czech bar – knowledge of Czech will enhance your experience and make it more authentic.

It can be a gateway to learning other Slavic languages

If you aspire to become a polyglot and want to study Slavic languages in particular, Czech can be a great way to start. As related languages tend to do, Slavic languages have considerable amounts of shared vocabulary and their grammatical systems are built on several similar principles.

With advanced knowledge of Czech, you will be able to understand some spoken and written Slovak and Polish and spoken Russian. This will also make learning these and other Slavic languages easier.

You will make some new friends

As it often happens, Czech people are likely to appreciate that you are learning their language and that you’re trying to understand their culture. Some might be even quite impressed. Even if you do not ultimately choose to live in the Czech Republic or date someone of Czech origin, knowledge of the Czech language can help you make some good friends, online or offline.

It is a wonderful language

Czech is beautiful, quirky, and a lot of fun. The alphabet is the Latin script but with a twist – there are many letters with diacritic symbols. The pronunciation may sound strange to non-Slavic ears and some sounds may be challenging, but it is a fun challenge. Once you start speaking Czech, even at a basic level, you will no doubt enjoy it.

It can offer great business opportunities

Learning the Czech language might bring you new business opportunities in Central Europe as well as new opportunities in your own country. Having a well-developed industrial base, the Czech Republic offers opportunities for business especially in the automotive industry, industrial machinery industry, mining, electronics, glass manufacturing and in beer production.

In recent years and thanks to high-tech industries being on the rise, new business opportunities are arising, particularly in the areas of aerospace, nanotechnology and life science.

It is a great way to exercise your brain

Our brains need exercise as much as our bodies. Doing puzzles or learning something new helps us keep our brains sharp and young much longer.

Learning Czech to exercise your brain is a great choice. It is a bit of a puzzle with its 7 cases and 4 genders, but it is also a lot of fun to learn. When you take into account some of the other advantages that Czech offers, the choice seems obvious!

Czech Vocabulary

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FAQs about Czech

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