Reasons to learn Thai

Thai may not be the first language that comes to mind when you are thinking about learning a foreign language. However, it is more widespread than you may think with over 60 million speakers, 28th in the list of languages by the total number of speakers – and there are many more reasons that make Thai a great language to learn – let us take a look at some of them.

You will have a much better experience traveling in Thailand

Thailand is a beautiful country with lots of sights to see and delicious food to try. Knowledge of the Thai language will let you have a much richer and more authentic experience when visiting Thailand.

You will be able to wander ‘off the map’ and explore the hidden gems of the country. To do that you need to at least be able to ask for directions. However, being able to hold a basic conversation in Thai will get you even further.

It is a challenge – but it is also easier than you may think

With its unusual alphabet and the five tones that change the meaning of the words, Thai often seems hard and confusing to speakers of other languages. And indeed, certain aspects of Thai may require time and patience – but mastering them is also a fun challenge.

Thai is also not as hard as it may seem. The language is quite phonetic – words are pronounced exactly as they are spelled, with very few exceptions. The grammatical system is also not as complicated – there are no articles, no verb conjugation, no singular vs plural nouns.

Thai people are also quite encouraging to those who are learning their language, very forgiving, especially at a beginner level, and will still understand what you mean even if you get the tones wrong.

You’ll be able to live a dream

Being a freelancer or a digital nomad, living in a beautiful warm country while working remotely – doesn’t it sound like a dream? It is, for quite a few people. Thailand is one of the best countries for such a lifestyle. The cost of living is relatively cheap and there are a lot of fun things to do in your free time.

By learning Thai, you will make relocating to Thailand much easier. You will have no problem finding accommodation and employment, solving any day-to-day problems as well as making friends will be much easier. You will also feel much safer and avoid being scammed.

Learning Thai will give you an insight into the culture

Thai culture is both unique and diverse, made up of many different elements that have come together into a wonderful and beautiful thing. It is a culture deep-rooted in Buddhism and Hinduism which plays a big role in the Thai mentality. Many of the things that Thai people say, do and think are derived from Buddhist thought and teaching and knowing the Thai language will enable you to engage with this peaceful culture.

Knowing Thai, you will also start to understand why Thai people may say or do certain things. In other words, the Thai language is your key to the Thai culture.

It will help you grow as a person

Learning a foreign language, especially one that is quite different from your native language, broadens your horizons and makes you more open-minded.

A language is a reflection of a nation’s mentality and view on life. Learning Thai will allow you to tap into a different perspective on things and grow as a person.

It is great for your brain

Learning foreign languages does wonders for your brain – similarly to how physical exercise is good for your body, learning languages exercises your brain and keeps it young. This is true for any foreign language, but why not learn Thai? It is a beautiful language, a little challenging but also a lot of fun.

Thai Vocabulary

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FAQs about Thai

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